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Landscaping Done Right.

We’ve got your lawn maintenance service needs covered. We are carefully customized for your lawn and your local climate, our lawn care services will give you the perfect outdoor space you have always dreamed of. A greener, more enjoyable lawn has never been easier to achieve.

Landscaping - Tree Services

Ortiz Landscaping provides our customers with high quality lawn care programs after years of professional landscaping services delivered. We guarantee a green and healthy looking lawn throughout the season while minimizing our impact on the environment.

Our Services

Tree Services

Tree removal can be performed for both aesthetic and safety purposes. No matter what reason you choose to have your tree removed, our professionals will arrive at your location as quickly as possible for proper and safe tree removal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will work on my property?

Are you a licensed Lawn Care Professional?

Well trained, supervised personnel with the proper equipment. All employees wear a company uniform.

Yes, we are fully licensed. We hold all the required and necessary licenses for a Lawn Care company.

What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?

Don't always assume that cheap is better.

What clients do you work for?

Anyone who truly wants a nice lawn care and knows the true value of caring for a beautiful home and property.

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